Get Out Of Your Timeshare

You can now get out of your timeshare quickly and easily if you own your timeshare outright or even if it is still under contract.  Many timeshare owners start out loving their timeshare, but after time and with increasing maintenance and special assessment fees, their timeshare purchase begins to show a diminishing return and many even go unused and just sit there to rack up annual maintenance fees and cost you more money without the fun of a vacation.  At Timeshare – Cures, we boast a 100% success rate in getting you out of your timeshare whether you still owe money on it or not.  The bottom line is that if we can’t get you out of your timeshare, we won’t offer our services to you.  We come from the timeshare sales industry and understand all the ins and outs of how the system can work for you and against you.  We’ll show you how to make the system work for you and get you out of your unwanted timeshare quickly and easily without showing negative effects on your credit.

Many timeshare owners think they can simply sell a timeshare on the open market because that’s what they were told when they bought their timeshare.  No matter what the salesperson told you when you bought your timeshare, timeshares are almost never re-sold for a profit and typically you can’t even give them away.  The ongoing maintenance fees is what keeps most timeshares from being marketable.  Even if you think you have the best timeshare week at the best location, it still probably isn’t worth the paper your contract is written on.  Unless of course you actually use it.  We understand that a timeshare can turn into a black hole that you just keep pouring money into and we want to help you keep that money in your pocket instead of continuing to give more and more of your hard earned dollars to the timeshare companies.

The average timeshare maintenance fee in the united states is $928 per year.  If you don’t use your timeshare, it will likely cost you around $5,000 over the next few years and that’s not counting any finance payments that you may be making if your timeshare isn’t yet paid off.  There are a lot better ways to spend that money instead of pouring it into the unused timeshare black hole and we would be happy to offer you a free consultation and provide you with the valuable information that you need to make a decision about getting out of your timeshare and timeshare contract.